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pokercrew's Journal

Chips in, wangs out
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7-2 full house, 7-2 offsuit, acting dumb, already invested, balls, beers, bending, buying it!, cahds-cahds-cahds, call-faced, chasing, cheaper-than-a-movie, check-fold, crackit!, dang man!, dealers-who-talk-it-up, does-anybody-know-what-a-royal-flush-is, don't even!, dumb faces, fuck you son!, grabbing, hong kong comebacks, hoo doo!, i-know-i-shouldn't-but, if-rza-do-i-don't, it's-not-about-the-money-it's-about-the-ring, jackhammer-aka-7-2-offsuit, john's cup-o-nuts, just kidding!, keeping them honest, kunats, making fun of michael, maybe laters!, metal! chips, new jokes, no-spilling-on-the-felt, not crying, not-acting-like-a-little-bitch, not-folding-trip-aces, not-forgetting-who-your-dealer-is, paying-ten-bucks-to-hang-out-with-your-friends, playing-dumb-cards-to-the-river-aka-aaron-style, poker, pre-flop raises, reaching, reaming, rookie night, sausage, scrambling eggs, showdowns, smoking, splitting-pots-is-gay, texas hold-em, the nuts, the-raise-fold, tipping generously, trash talking, wangs, what's-a-full-house-again?, what-time-does-the-atm-close-again?, who said what?!, winning with kickers, you!, your-mom-is-wild